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I would like to have the possibility to choose one or several specific groups for an invitation to a coffee call. This to be more specific or not shout out to everyone and/or especially when I want to have a chat with guys of a specific group.


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Rico Schrapel

Dieser Punkt wird noch als „offen“ angezeigt. Er ist doch aber erledigt, nicht?!


Tom Suter

Hi Jo, thanks for your suggestion. This should already be possible by only setting yourself available in those specific groups.

Just hit the green button behind a specific group in the group overview. Feel free to create your own groups with only some friends, colleagues or family.

Let me know in case I misunderstood your question. Thank you.

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Thx Tom for your super fast reply and your hint - I thought that you must have thought thru this use case ;-)

Then it might be a slight UX-Issue. I didn´t understand that I started an invite by clicking on the green button.


Tom Suter

That's good feedback Jo and we should definitely improve that.

It works currently like this:
- If you set yourself available on the home screen (green clock/coffee cup button), all users in all your groups get a notification that you're available for a break.
- If you set yourself available for specific groups, only the users in these groups get notified.

They can start a CoffeeCall with you during the 10 minutes that you're available.

You can also 'invite' new people to your groups. Just click on the group overview on the group name. Then you're brought to the group detail screen where you see a blue 'Share invitation link' button.

Feel free to create as many groups with friends, family, colleagues, etc as you want.

Hope this clarifies. Let me know in case of any other questions.