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Romeo Arpagaus

It would make it easier to start a call if I had a list of all my favorites (friends, colleagues) I would love to bump into at the virtual coffee maker.
This favorites I'd like to mark in the members list in all of my groups.

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On top of this it would be great to just add favorites by inviting them to coffeecall without putting them into a group. With many friends I have no group constellation I could put us into or the group would be too small. This means I can't invite them right now.
For the person receiving such an invitation to coffeecall without a group it would make it even easier (no need to think of a group) and more urgent (an app with only one contact makes no sense) to add and invite favorites themselves.
This extension of course is kind of a game changer and needs quite some thinking (how to still have the mystery call effect within my company, shall it completely replace private groups to become more simple or shall both concepts coexist) and shall therefore not be part of this idea but shows the potential of a different and probably more simple approach.


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Tom Suter

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Tom Suter

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Favorite groups should only work with more than four or five people in it. If not it becomes a tool for harassment. I just put one person and call all the time...
Before, the call button is greyed out and a short explanation appears when taping

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