Possibility to connect with people outside your group.

Tom Suter

You could opt-in for:
- Only reach out/connect to my groups.
- Reach out/connect to my group of groups.
- Reach out / connect with anyone.

This could also be tricky with people who have bad intentions, so you have to think this through.


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Mark Cheetham

I would like to do exactly that. I own 3 companies and would like to use the "Einladungslink teilen" button to invite people outside of my initial business domain in order to have calls between teams and companies. How could that work?

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Tom Suter

Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your suggestion. I would encourage you to start with a Personal Group for that. Just give it a resonating name and share the link with anybody you would like to invite (teams and companies). Just let me know in case you run into any limitations on the Personal Group, so we can mitigate that for you. :-)